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First off I should tell you guys that I have a PS3 slim 120 GB system. And after playing for a couple of hours of Bayonetta I found the loading times to be tolerable. Different websites and other reviewers say that the PS3 version has been plagued by screen tearing, loading issues, etc. Maybe it was because of the PS3 slim but after playing a few levels I found that the only real complain was the level loading times. For me it took about 1-3 minutes for the level to load. The cut scenes were smooth and did not experience loading in-between the scene. Item pick ups did take about 2 seconds to load but that’s not a real complain. Action and game play was smooth and didn’t find any errors or bugs. While there is loading time during the menu and saved data it isn’t anything to be upset about. Yes it does take the fast action aspect out of the game play. But theses imperfections can be fixed with a patch (if they ever give us one). When it all comes down to it this game is a fun game. Many other games have load issues and many bugs and they still got praised by reviewers on how good they are. But why does the PS3 Bayonetta version receive such harsh criticisms? It may be due to the fact that on the Xbox 360 it runs better and there are less load times. But also since this is a kind of new concept people may not be used to this genre. A confident sexy female protagonist battling angels with a huge amount of gore. This is not a game to be taken seriously, its meant to be played and enjoyed.


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January 12, 2010 at 1:50 am

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