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Bayonetta review

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Bayonetta is an action packed beat em up. The main character is a sexy witch who needs to fight angels daily or she will get dragged to hell. Yes that may seem rather dumb but that’s a easy excuse to motivate this character into doing it. Its very violent and sexy at the same time.

Gameplay: a lot of combos and a lot of weapons. Many of the boss fights are interesting. The combos and witch time ability make this one worth playing. The only thing I had a problem with is some of the quick time events. They don’t really give you a heads up before it happens, and if you don’t push the required buttons you die.

Graphics: all the enemies are well designed and look great. The areas are bright and very colored. But some areas are blocked off. They look like you can explore them but really you can’t.

Story: Not one of the best stories or the one that makes the most sense. Its just there to give the characters the motivation. They do a lot of satire of other games and themselves. I would of wanted more jokes to tie up most of the plot. It would of added to a better story that is so over the top.

Conclusion:it is a very fun game to be played. While the story may not be the best in the world it gives the characters what they need. The action and gameplay is where this game excels. Its sexy violent and very funny at times.

Played the PS3 version for this review beat normal and on to hard mode.


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January 29, 2010 at 2:58 pm

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