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No More Heroes 2

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This game is an action game for the Wii. The player controls Travis Touchdown returning from the previous game in becoming the number 1 ranked assassin. Players kill enemies using different light sabers and wrestling moves. You can also take 8 bit side missions where Travis can earn money to buy clothes and weapons.

Gameplay: You hack and slash enemies with your beam katana. And you can also finish them off with various wrestling moves. Retro 8 bit games are side missions which you can play to earn money. You don’t have to play them but they are well done for nostalgia sake. The fights can get very bloody. You can even turn into a tiger!

Story: A highly sexy satire about various movies, pop culture, and video games. The story doesn’t really matter in this case nor do you want it to matter. The story doesn’t make sense half the time and the characters break the 4th wall. The inciting incident is one of Travis’s buddies gets killed by an assassin and he is out for revenge. But honestly this is just an excuse to get Travis to back into killing people with his beam katana.

Graphics: The game looks good but its only 480P at best, since it is on the Wii.

Problems: The controls are a little off on the motion controls with the remote. The game feels short if you decide to cut the side missions.

Thoughts: If you want to play a game where you kill people with a beam katana and some wrestling moves then play this one. Some cool, funny and sexy cut scenes thrown in. This story does not take itself or anything seriously. Also a mix of retro mini games to bring back memories and what do you get? No More Heroes 2.


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April 1, 2010 at 2:03 am

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