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Hi there it’s been a while.  I know that it’s been about 5 months since a post but I assure you that I have been busy with other stuff like school, summer vacation, etc.  I probably lost everyone who ever was reading this site, yes all 2 of you.

Let’s begin again with Metroid Other M.

This is the latest installment of the Metroid series where you play as Samus a chick with a bio combat suit.   The story continues from Super Metroid and plays out in a short cut scene.  The new thing about this that separates it from other games is that it takes first person and third person shooters and mixed them together.  You move in the third person and you can go into first person mode to shoot and to take a closer look at things.  Like any other Metroid game you have power ups and explore.

This game is pretty fun.  The boss fights are action packed.  The ability to do some combat other than shooting is nice.  Some of the challenges were pretty dumb.  There is this event in this game where you are forced into first person mode and have to spot something to trigger the cut scene.   The problem here is that it turns into “I spy” with no hint at where you are supposed to point at.  Also it doesn’t help that the graphics on the Wii are only 480p, which makes the environment and everything in it look the same or a pile of gray stuff.

The story is a bit far-fetched with a few holes but bearable.  The dialogue is horrendous.  This is the first game in which Samus is given spoken words and the delivery and words are so bad.  I mean every word is delivered with the same monotone cold voice.

On the verdict of buying it or not, buy it.  I know what I said about the dialogue and some pretty minor details but overall I liked the game.  The gameplay is very solid.

Game was finished on normal on one play through on the Wii.


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October 1, 2010 at 5:49 pm

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