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Monster Hunter Tri

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For America this is the first version of Monster Hunter on the Wii and online co-op gameplay thru the Wii.  Monster Hunter is exactly like it sounds like, you hunt monsters.  Like the previous games you start out in a village which is being terrorized by some giant monster.  You come in and help out the village by taking on quests to hunt monsters and/or gather materials.

Hunting:  when you first start the game you are given generic weapons and armor which don’t really help.  To get better gear you have to kill/trap monsters which will allow you to make their specific weapons and armor.  You have 3 chances to complete the mission before its game over.  If any of you know the previous games there is a steep learning curve.  Hunting the monsters for the first time is pretty hard.  You have to get used to their attacks and then strike back.  Too many errors and you will lose a life.

Once you manage to kill the boss monster you can carve the monster.  This is a basic premise of the game, carving the dead monster gives you items from the monster and like all RPGs it’s random.   Don’t get mad if you don’t get the specific item you want because there are still quest rewards at the end.  Or you can trap the monster alive and you forgo the carving for more quest rewards.

Weapons:  This game has various weapons to choose from.  While they did take away most of the weapons from the previous games they added a new Switch axe.  They left the core basic weapons in which are Great sword, long sword, shield and sword, Hammer, Switch axe, Lance, and Bowgun.  They also changed how the Bowgun works now instead of a single gun you have to buy it in parts of the Stock, Frame, and Barrel.  Depending on which items you combine you will create many different Bowguns for various modes of play.

Co-op: On the Wii players can now go online to quest with other players.  Teams of 4 can help each other fight monsters.  This is the first time the American version of this game can go online co-op.  You get special rewards and it makes some fights easier with a buddy or two.

For the fans of the previous games BUY IT.  For casual it’s not a pick up and play kind of game.  You have to spend time learning and developing.  I really liked this game but I can see that it’s not for everyone.

Beat the offline game once and finished the first 4 star ranked missions online.


Written by Theonlypersonhere

October 6, 2010 at 4:33 pm

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