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This year Nintendo will release the 3DS a 3D portable gaming device that succeeds the DSi and DS.  It features cameras and touch screen like their previous DSi with the new feature of 3D gaming without the glasses.  They also added motion controls and external memory storage, a camera that can take 3D pictures and analog controls.   What’s the price of this monster machine? 249USD.

Yes the price is steep but with all the perks Nintendo is justified in the pricing.  A strong prediction of the life of the 3DS is the flagship games that will accompany the release date.

As you can see popular hits like Nintendogs + Cats, Street Fighter and Resident Evil should be released according to Nintendo.  This gives the 3DS a strong opening on release but future games like Zelda and Mario will have to make a quick appearance or suffer from declining sales.  Poor games on release has spelled doom for many new systems in the past i.e. PS3.  This lineup for Nintendo looks promising but popular hits must come out in a adequate time.,2817,2375484,00.asp

Also specs on the 3DS spell trouble for the portable.  The article states that the battery life is only 3 – 5 hours of play time from 3DS games compared to the 9 – 14 hours of game time from the DSi.  Of course this number will vary from console to console.  This is calculated at running games on the lowest brightness setting.  Still months away from release, I wonder if Nintendo can fix this huge oversight.  While the PSP from Sony suffer from battery issues the lineup of games and media options have kept the console going for quite some time.  I just hope Nintendo with their new hardware can do better and not suffer from poor shelf life.


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January 30, 2011 at 3:12 am

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Fallout 3

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Now I know fallout 3 came out a while ago but I only got a chance to play it now because of hardware issues.  The Shank review is coming up short thanks to the fallout games which I finally got running smoothly on my new alienware laptop, also don’t buy from HP.  Great printers but I rather not trust their computers and laptops.

Fallout 3

First person/ third person shooter with RPG elements like levels and items.  There is a cool feature called VATS that allows the computer to shoot/hit things for you based on the percentage of your weapon skill, how far away you are, and any other skill you have.  It is a free roaming environment where your actions and decisions affect the game play.

Beginning story is that you grew up in Vaults; underground bomb shelters are built to preserve mankind of nuclear fallout.   Your dad escapes outside which is unheard of and you decide to follow him.  And then that’s it you can do whatever you want at this point.  You can follow in his footsteps or try to make a life for yourself in the wasteland.

There are also Perks which are extra abilities you get every time you level up.  They range from gaining more strength to being able to pick locks better.  So the cool thing about Fallout is that you can do whatever you want and there will be consequences.  Do good deeds and good stuff happen do bad things and people will hunt you down.  Solve problems by talking or you can use other means.  Follow story lines or not you have total freedom to do whatever you want.

Overall I liked it but a lot of glitches caused me to be less immersing in the game.  The perks and some of the skills didn’t affect anything at all.  You are free to do whatever you want but there are always consequences.  I feel that there needs to be another way to travel.  Sure you can teleport to the location once you find it but you have to find it first by foot.  That can take a while and I would like a vehicle or something to make the trip a little easier.

Game finished on normal played 37 hours without any expansions.  For fans of Fallout or of unique RPGs in general BUY IT.  For those who like a linear story this may not be the game for you because there isn’t a straight path to do anything in this game.

Side note added (2/25/11):

Running it on a multi-core PC I have run into various problems.  The freezing: game runs fine for like an hour and it just locks up.  Ctrl+alt+Del do not work sometimes and I would have to manually shut down.  Certain places in the map have caused the freeze or when entering a building.  Certain missions have crashed the game because I either killed the wrong person or caused too much damage.  This isn’t entirely the game’s fault since sometimes the gun fights get very brutal and I have to pull out a mini nuke.  NPC’s get stuck walking to me or talk endlessly.

The fix: The patches on the support site have worked to lessen the problems, but it’s not perfect.  Trying different settings and turning down the graphics down have seemed to work for people.  There is no panacea potion to fix this.  Many different people have different solutions some work others don’t.   It’s all a matter of trial and error.

I will say that Fallout New Vegas is less prone to theses environment game play issues.  Playing it on the console I have encountered less crashes and weird graphic problems.  Playing it on the PC I found that the game runs very well.  Occasionally crash here or there but it runs.  I know I don’t have a review of New Vegas but I thought I should compare it to fallout 3’s problems here.


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January 18, 2011 at 1:13 am

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PS3 coming out

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PS3 opening its doors.

The PS3 has long been hack proof but with recent news its coming to an end.  The team that hacked the Wii claims that they have found the key to hack the PS3.  So what does this mean for the console?

Free games?!

We all know that as soon as the hackers release a stable homebrew people are going to download games and play them for free.  While this may lead to damaging effects to the console and developers it does lead to growth in console sales:

The Wii as example sales for the Wii have always been high as soon as the console was released.  Even with it being hacked early on sales have continued to be strong.  We can extrapolate from this data that the PS3 will see a high boom in sales while this may not always be the case it is strongly likely.

Linux will be back.

Sony taking away the Linux function angered many users of the operation system on their consoles with this hack pervious user will be able to take that function back and develop other useful applications.

No other news has been made on the progress on the hack.

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January 4, 2011 at 12:45 am

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