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Shank is an action 2D platform game of revenge.  You play the character of Shank who is out for blood.  Your boss killed your girlfriend and now you want him and his gang dead.  Mostly a fighting game you also have to traverse detailed platforms.  Fight endless enemies and battle tough bosses.  Shank delivers on the gore and violence.  The cut scenes are handled with great detail and the sound track and design were beautifully done.

The story is pretty generic and predictable but it gives purpose to the characters.  The cut scenes and game play are done in a comic book way: invokes an indie graphic novel.

Controls are pretty solid but at times the mashing of buttons is unresponsive.  But overall the controls are fine.  The different weapons come in to enhance the torture of enemies.  But your primary will always be the Shank of course.

The visual 2D side scrolling is very nice to look at.  From every blood splat to explosion the designer took the time to carefully make them noticeable.

The game is a little short.  I find myself wanting more even after the challenging last boss.  But there is a co-op mode which I haven’t got a chance to play because of the lack of a second controller.  This review is only going over the single player campaign.  But from other reviews the co-op mode isn’t very long either.

Repetitive boss fights is a big negative that I can’t look past.  Most of the time the game makes you do some kind of counter or a way to stun the boss in order for you to do real damage.  Not all of the bosses are like this but you can tell that the designer had a similar formula for the bosses.

In the end it was entertaining but a few inconsistent moments led to a bitter taste.  I loved the visual and sounds but the boss fights could have been improved.  I really like the effort of this indie game but I wished that they took longer to adjust the fights.

Verdict: wait for a sale or skip it.

Beat the single player mode and unlocked all the weapons finished in 3 hours.


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February 16, 2011 at 8:55 pm

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