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Pokemon black and white

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Pokemon if you don’t know is a popular anime and video game series that have players catch and train monsters.  Pokemon has been around for so long I feel that it would be self-serving to even explain the concepts to anyone who doesn’t know it.  If you don’t know what pokemon is then get out of the rock you have been living in and stop reading this.

Pokemon black and white is the 5th generation and with it comes brand new pokemon.  All new 156 are added and old generation pokemon won’t be seen until you beat the game.  The towns are fully designed in 3D buildings.  Every town has a different feel and look to them.  No more copy paste building designs in the old games.

Pokemon centers are now integrated with the store.   Which I think is a great improvement since it saves time and offer convenience to the players.  The wifi stations are just on the second floor no more going up to another room to trade.

A lot of free stuff: like the previous games NPCs are just handing over stuff when you talk to them: items range from pokemon to rare items.

The weather: in previous games the weather played many roles and affecting game play and battles, in black and white not so much.  I mean there is a sandstorm and rain but that’s about it.  It’s sunny most of the time.

The story: pokemon has come a long way and the story has grown up.  Team Plasma wants to liberate pokemon from their trainers.  And their mystery leader believe that pokemon deserve a life out of their round prisons.  Dealing with belief hints of existentialism this story deserves to be listened to.

TMs: The technical Machines that teach pokemon moves are now unlimited! No more having to buy certain rare moves and this is a greatly deserved change in the series.

The battles: more or less the same as before.  They did however introduce 3 on 3 battles which make your pokemon line up more of a team effort.

Overall I like the new changes.  It adds to a more challenging and easier game play.  If you’re a fan then you would have already bought it.  Any newcomer would have to give this a second look.  I highly recommend for people on the fence.  They make things even easier and I feel it’s more casual.

Beat the main story caught the three in-game legendaries and main legendary and exploring the end game locations.



Written by Theonlypersonhere

March 20, 2011 at 2:29 am

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