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New Vegas

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Ok so I won’t go over the same things twice since New Vegas carries much of the stuff that fallout 3 has.  Not much has changed but some improvements helped.  The story here you have been recovered from a head shot.  And you want to find out how and why this happened.  You were a courier and got captured and had your packaged stolen.  You got shot and left for dead but was saved and now you are out for revenge.

Perks are now after every two levels instead of every level up.  This balances some of the skills and makes the game a little harder.  They took the percents out of the conversations like in fallout 3 there would be a success of 50% if you pick a certain option now instead the option is now weighted on your skill on barter or speech.  So it could be 40 speech required and you only have 35 speech skill you will fail the conversation unless you can increase your speech skill to 40 or above.  I do like this change since they tell you what level your skills have to be at.

You clothes changes the way people respond to you.  There is also reputation which influences the different groups of factions you will come across.  This makes sneaking missions a lot easier since you can just steal clothes of the faction and walk in.  Also certain faction members will help you if you are in good standings with them in a fight.

The Desert is so long and vast.  They have an orange tint in this game compared to the green in 3.  This makes the environment look like brown all the time.  This time around New Vegas is a very bright town.

I won’t go over much here since it pretty much is a copy paste of fallout 3 in terms of gameplay.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  Don’t fix something that isn’t broken.  Story seems a little less involved and less personally than fallout 3. I feel that the story in fallout 3 was more engaging and likable.  Or maybe I am tired of the revenge story.  But anyway I do like New Vegas if you’re a fan of the last game this one is worthwhile to pick up.  New comers will find this a bit challenging but will appreciate the many characters and mutants they will come across.

And there is a whole bunch of Wild West references that any western fan would enjoy.

Verdict: Buy it when there is a deal.

Beat the game in 50 hours on PS3 didn’t side with the NCR or Legion.



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April 7, 2011 at 9:46 pm

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Pokemon sale

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Yeah save 29% on black and white.

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April 2, 2011 at 1:12 pm