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Portal 2

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Hey it’s been a while hasn’t it.  It also hasn’t helped that less-then par games were released this quarter.  But here is the sequel to Portal a fun little game developed as a side project and received almost no advertisement.  Even so it has been praised by both critics and fans.  Now does the sequel live up to the greatness of the original?  In short yes.  For those of you who don’t want any more info then its good and if you liked the 1st one and want to find out what happens next then by all means go and play the 2nd.

For those of you who never played the first one then play it now.  No really stop reading and play it.  All the jokes and references will be about the 1st game.  So if you want to “get” all the plot and humor they spill out then finish the 1st game.

To review a game like this I can’t really give this a standard score or any real way of measuring it be comparing it to other games.  Since all you do in this game is shoot portals and walk through portals.  It is simple but challenging as you progress through it.  This genre can be someone where in the puzzle first person shooter but I believe it surpasses that becomes its unique genre.

I don’t really want to write about the story or even gameplay since it would be a huge spoiler for those who haven’t played it.  So for this review all I am going to say is that you solve puzzles with a portal gun that shoots two different portals: one to go into and the other one to go out of.  Now if you are a fan of puzzle shooters then this game is for you.  If you are looking for some sort of mindless action game then look elsewhere.  The story is deep and rich and the challenges will keep you entertained for a while.  Also no real replay here, once you finish it there is no point doing the puzzles again since you knows all the answers.  There is co-op which is kind of the same as the campaign mode but with a buddy you can yell at.

Verdict: Buy it for those who like story and challenging game play.  For all others don’t.   




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July 14, 2011 at 3:10 am

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