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Portable gaming.

This word once a joke in the early years has now became a great stigma of success or failure.  Companies like apple, Nintendo and Sony are banking on the portable gaming in their devices.  It first started with simple apps that lead to a lot of money.  But portable gaming was always around in the DS and PSP and many others before it.  Why does it seem to have a boom now?  It may have due to the rise of more mainstream devices like the apple products.  Not to say that apple is to blame but it did make it easier for everyday non gamers to get them to buy it.

Not to say that this is a bad thing.  More great games have arrived and are more available to people who otherwise wouldn’t.  But what happens to the long games.  You know games where you can sit down and play and that actually need save files.  Where are the games that can express and convey ideas and themes?  This is an issue that I would like to address.

Like any book or movie which has been acknowledged as a work of art games has been slowly climbing a ladder towards such titles.  But in the beginning there are many examples that would have instantly reached the top.  But now the great games only appear once in a while.  Portal is a good example: simple game where the player completes tests for a Killer AI.  One the upper crust of this game is escape.  If we go deeper one can read this game as the exploitative companies taking advantage of the weak.  The second game deals with the notion of evil and greed.  Wheatley another new AI you encounter slowly becomes more powerful with your help and is overwhelmed by the power and becomes the new threat.

So what can we do?  The answer isn’t as simple as boycotting a certain game.  Big companies have to know their customers concerns.  I guess by supporting the really great games on release can show them what we want.  But ultimately the decision to produce and distribute falls on the hands of the CEOs and such.  Examples like Xenoblade which did very well in Japan and Europe is not coming to America because they don’t see much profit to be made, even though there are sites of people who sign petitions that they want it brought over.


Written by Theonlypersonhere

September 17, 2011 at 12:10 pm

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