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No more Heroes PS3

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Originally for the Wii No more Heroes is an 3rd person action game about an Assassin named Travis and his adventure to  becoming number one and trying to get laid.  A satire of a game: that makes fun of movie and other game references.  You wield a beam katana and have to do various jobs to make money and kill people.

The game comes to the PS3 as No more Heroes: Heroes Paradise a copy and paste of the original game plus a few new boss fights from the sequel and some additional content.  The game supports the Playstation move.

First let me say that this is just an exploit to get people to buy into the whole motion control of the Playstation move.  Second the game is as glitchy as ever.  Not saying that the Wii version was any better but the game environment problems were not solved like say the bike would get stuck or game crashes.  And for some reason the music cuts out every few moments when I ride the bike around town.  Also you can get more beam katanas thought DLC which crash the game when doing this one mini game of mine sweeper.

The game features a mode where the female villains wear sexier clothes.  Which is nice but I feel as a cheap trick that the developers put in to try to make an extra buck.  You can also fight most of the bosses from the No more Heroes 2.  They also added more side missions.  The HD graphics look nice but it does take away from the style the wii had.  You can also use the regular PS3 controller for the game which does make some tasks a little easier since the motion controls aren’t as good as we expected.  This was a nice added improvement from the original.

The story and game play did not change at all: so pretty much everything from the original was ported over.  I mean I still enjoyed the game as much as the original but I don’t feel that this was necessary.  I didn’t think it was necessary to make people re-buy another copy of the same game with some updated graphics and a few new features.  It’s nice if they managed to fix some problems that the original had and it would be worth it since they are showing the gamers that they do care and listen to our problems.  Wait for the upcoming price drop or used guys buying new are not worth the money especially since you have to get the playstation move to get the full experience.  There are also not many titles that are worth getting yet for the move.

Beat main story and saw the real ending on Sweet bought all the katanas.  


Written by Theonlypersonhere

January 21, 2012 at 1:11 am

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