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Cabin in the woods film review repost from blogspot

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Not really sure what genre this film is after watching it.  You could say it is a horror film if you had to but it does more than simple horror.  Cabin in the woods is built on twists and turns of anything standard.  Without spoiling anything the main cast of five is involved in a fight for survival in a cabin being controlled by other people.  I can’t really say who the other people are and why without giving away the twist of it.  I can say that it is unpredictable in the outcomes of the run.  I left the theater satisfied with the film and loved every part of the final act.

The camera does go hand held at times but it doesn’t really take away from it.  The film doesn’t rely on it since it goes by standard master shot to close-ups.  The jump in narrative to the main cast and the other people does feel jarring at times but it makes sense once they actually reveal what is going on.

The main cast does a good job of making the characters fit into the roles.  While they do come out as one dimensional at times they do turn it around once everything is said and done.  The dialogue is very witty and smart and you can really tell its Joss whedon as the funny yet ironic tone the film plays out.  The tone is very loose in this film.  Sitting there watching it I didn’t know how I should have felt thru the entire film.  There are so many emotions that the film takes you.  Again without spoiling anything I can’t say more than that.

The film takes several mechanics of other films and the combination of them makes a really unique and fun experience.   From survival horror to jumps in tone and total genre changes Cabin in the Woods is anything but ordinary.  I do recommend seeing this one and I cannot stress how much I can’t reveal without actually spoiling the whole thing.


Written by Theonlypersonhere

April 17, 2012 at 7:27 pm