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Yugioh 5D World Championship 2010 Review

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The game is obviously based on the Yugioh card game. It includes 2 different modes

  1. The old-school option of facing any number of opponents in world championship mode
  2. The newer story mode option where you get to be a character playing RPG-style through season 2 of the Yugioh 5D’s story arc.

Story Mode: This plays like a very standard RPG, except with card playing instead of killing stuff with swords and magic. You play as a character of your own creation, and the writers squeeze you into the storyline as an important character that’s always been there. Considering the lack of new dubbed episodes for that season, it’s a way of finding out what happened. As in squeezing an entire season of material into like 10 minutes of screen time way.

It has plenty of tutorials for players early and the starting deck you get to use isn’t that bad. The first couple of opponents are also very easy to deal with and there’s no real penalty for losing. Players do have to upgrade their decks as the game goes on, but for the most part the story mode opponents won’t give anyone problems till later, which by then a player should be ready. I would actually call it a pretty good teaching tool to help new players get into the game, which I’m guessing the designers had to work hard on. So props on that.

For the vets that are looking to play with as many cards as available, story mode is where most of the packs are unlocked so not playing here isn’t an option. Doesn’t mean it has to be a total snooze though. To unlock other packs you have to face other characters just standing around waiting for you to duel them, and their decks are actually better made then the story mode ones. Plus they tweaked up the AI a little so they’re smarter than before. So there are challenges to keep the vets interested and the new players learning.

World Championship Mode: Most of this content sadly enough has to be unlocked in story mode, but it is a nice feature once that’s done. You get tons of different opponents, tag matches, tournaments, etc. Quite frankly I wished the game had a version where it was only this was available, and you can unlock stuff just by playing this mode. When everything is available this is where most of the fun comes from, too bad it takes a lot of doing non-fun things to get there.

Unlockables: For the most part this is why most vets play this game. We want to unlock the latest cards and the hardest opponents the game has to offer so we can test out deck ideas without spending a bunch of real money in real life on something that might not work. To do this you have to play through the story mode and face everyone there 3 times. One of the complaints I had in last year’s game was you couldn’t unlock certain packs since the opponents needed to unlock them weren’t available till you beat the game. And sadly enough that complaint gets to repeat itself here. Just feels extremely pointless to me since they would’ve been useful and fun when I was trying to play through the story mode, but beating story mode lets me unlock better packs so I don’t need the old stuff anymore. Just feels like a pointless dick move on the game designer’s part.

Anyway, unlocking the packs involves beating story mode, beating everyone 3 times, and a few interesting challenges for the last few packs. For those you would have to look for an FAQ for since the game gives absolutely no clue on how to get them otherwise. Hell I had to look up one just to tell everyone about the 3 times thing.

Problems: Sadly enough the game fails the most when it’s not doing anything card related. Along with the card-playing the game also has the player do puzzles like push a bunch of giant boxes to get to the next area, run through area with conveyor belts that’ll push you forward or back, put X items into Y spots just to get to point Z, sneak past guards, etc. And they are all unskippable wastes of time. Allow me to scream something at the game designers, NO ONE WANTS TO SOLVE NON-CARD RELATED PUZZLES IN A CARD PLAYING GAME!. People play card games to play with cards, NOT deal with a bunch of puzzles.

It’s obvious that the puzzles are meant to waste time, slowing down the player so the story mode feels longer then it really is, especially since you’ll be stuck in that area until you solve the dang puzzle. The cherry on top of the puzzles of annoyances are the retry option. See every puzzle will let you start over whenever you screw up, in which case they’ll repeat the message of how to reset the puzzle. Fail the puzzle multiple times and you’ll be seeing the message a lot, another thing they won’t let you skip. The puzzles definitely are not fun to play, and don’t add anything good to the game. At least with the card-related puzzles people can see combos they would’ve never figured out otherwise. The only thing you figure out here is how boring a needless puzzle can be.

And last non-card related part is the racing min-game (another unskippable feature). The object is to usually either outrun someone, keep them from outrunning you, or getting to the goal before time runs out. Once again a very unnecessary feature, if I wanted to play a racing game I would be playing a game designed for racing. This gets especially frustrating since the most of the races were dirt easy and the final one is hard as hell to do. Felt like a pathetic attempt to trying to make the race look like a legitimate part of the game instead of the total waste of time it truly is.

Conclusion: Fact is these card games they all follow the same basic concept. Win a bunch duels to unlock a bunch of opponents and packs to unlock more opponents and packs, and repeat said process until finished. Yes it’s a giant grindfest but we do it just to reach our end goal of being able to play with all the latest cards. And to its credit the game accomplished that, the game actually does have all of the booster packs that was available upon this game’s release including most of the promos.

That said the process of getting to the end was made needlessly annoying. The puzzles have nothing to do with the card game that people actually want to, they’re just tossed in to annoy/slow down the player. The racing is the same, a useless waste of time that only forces a player to do something (s)he had absolutely no intention of doing. It’s like if you were playing a fighting game when after a few battles, the screen would turn into a chess board and you weren’t allowed to proceed with the game until you have won that game of chess. They give the “just get it over with so I can go on to something I actually want to do” feeling instead of anything even closely related to fun.

So if you’re looking for a card game that has most of the up to date cards, this is the right place. You just have to go through needless pains to get them.

Rating: 6 out 10.


Written by taifighter

March 2, 2010 at 2:07 am

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