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PSP vita !!

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Ok so now we have a name instead of the PSP2.  Vita doesn’t really match this portable.  But whatever it’s just a name.  The price like I wrote before will be 249-299 respectively for the wifi and 3G version.  no other information about how much the 3G version costs per month yet.  Also a big plus is that the console will be region free.  Something the 3DS does not have.  Strange since it was the other way around.

Now will Vita bring the life back to Sony as it was intended to do?  First release games much like what happened to the 3DS will affect the growth of the system. should this information stay on date the new uncharted game will make this system a big contender.  The others aren’t as nearly as popular.  But with a big name upon release date the system should get more sales.  The 3DS didn’t achieve this by getting the big hits late, which had some factors to the price cut.

The 3G option: I don’t know what to say about this one.  One hand this could help since Sony made this a semi-tablet.  Which will appeal to other customers for an affordable wanna be tablet?  On the other hand this could be a disaster depending on the cost of the plan people might not want to hand over extra money for a portable system.  Apple gets away with it since their Ipad can do other things and has a bigger screen.  While Sony is trying to climb the apple tree of success it might have missed the point with putting all those features on a primarily based game system.

The vita is a portable gaming system first.  That should have been the mind set when going into it.  By adding tons of features that may not have an effect on the games could effectively ruin the system.   Trying to reach other customers will alienate the ones you have.

My predictions is if the release date games are a hit like Uncharted then the Vita will indeed have a better shelf life then the 3DS.  But if some problems arise and should some setbacks cause the Vita to be lack luster then Sony is going to have to slash some prices.  If Sony doesn’t learn from Nintendo’s mistakes then it will follow and history might repeat itself.

On a side note Microsoft is doing the smart move by staying out and letting them fight it out.  But who knows what they can bring to the table turn holiday shopping time.  Hindsight is 20/20.  


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September 22, 2011 at 8:31 pm

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the decline of the Home gamer

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Portable gaming.

This word once a joke in the early years has now became a great stigma of success or failure.  Companies like apple, Nintendo and Sony are banking on the portable gaming in their devices.  It first started with simple apps that lead to a lot of money.  But portable gaming was always around in the DS and PSP and many others before it.  Why does it seem to have a boom now?  It may have due to the rise of more mainstream devices like the apple products.  Not to say that apple is to blame but it did make it easier for everyday non gamers to get them to buy it.

Not to say that this is a bad thing.  More great games have arrived and are more available to people who otherwise wouldn’t.  But what happens to the long games.  You know games where you can sit down and play and that actually need save files.  Where are the games that can express and convey ideas and themes?  This is an issue that I would like to address.

Like any book or movie which has been acknowledged as a work of art games has been slowly climbing a ladder towards such titles.  But in the beginning there are many examples that would have instantly reached the top.  But now the great games only appear once in a while.  Portal is a good example: simple game where the player completes tests for a Killer AI.  One the upper crust of this game is escape.  If we go deeper one can read this game as the exploitative companies taking advantage of the weak.  The second game deals with the notion of evil and greed.  Wheatley another new AI you encounter slowly becomes more powerful with your help and is overwhelmed by the power and becomes the new threat.

So what can we do?  The answer isn’t as simple as boycotting a certain game.  Big companies have to know their customers concerns.  I guess by supporting the really great games on release can show them what we want.  But ultimately the decision to produce and distribute falls on the hands of the CEOs and such.  Examples like Xenoblade which did very well in Japan and Europe is not coming to America because they don’t see much profit to be made, even though there are sites of people who sign petitions that they want it brought over.

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September 17, 2011 at 12:10 pm

Catherine and other stuff

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Wow it’s been a while again.  Since my last article recent events really put me down and I didn’t really feel like writing or doing anything for a while.  There were also pretty lame game releases lately with the exception of Catherine.  The drastic price cut of the 3DS was a big surprise.  I wouldn’t say that the handheld was failing but the late releasing of good games definitely hurt the console.  The PSP vita doesn’t seem to be showing its face at all.  But the pricing of it of 249, and 299 was also surprising:  At that price Sony has a better chance to compete with the 3DS during the holiday rush.  But then again the price cut does push the 3DS into more affordable homes now.  170 for it seem more reasonable.  249-299 Vita feels like they should just pick up a PS3 if they haven’t already.  Speaking of that the PS3 is now 249

Microsoft’s xbox360 hasn’t really done anything.  It would seem that they are just letting Sony and Nintendo do battle and wait for the exhausted winner.  OK enough about the consoles let’s talk about Catherine: 



Now Catherine is a very unique game about love and life.  It is a linear narrative about Vincent a young man dealing with the problems of relationships.  Now the player takes control during conversations and the puzzle platform modes.  You make choices which affect the outcome of the game and see the impending doom of Vincent as he tries to figure out cheating.

The animated visual cut scenes are nice to look at and the graphics during game play are visually stunning.  The story gets a little crazy at times but as it was said and done I still wanted more.  This game really is a metaphor for life.

The game play is just Vincent climbing up boxes which he can push and pull.  The objective is to climb to the top as fast as you can without knocking down the boxes below you.  It’s very simple at first but the game will challenge you with hard and harder level designs.

Overall I really enjoyed it.  The story with this unique game play makes for one crazy and enjoyable experience.  If you like puzzle platformers then look no further there are more challenge modes even after the game is done, also a good narrative to top it off.






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September 12, 2011 at 7:30 pm

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PSP2 Update 2/15/11

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Now since the PSP2 is still pretty fresh I won’t really review the specs since the price isn’t even out yet.  But to compare it to the 3DS is hard to say.  What we do know is that the cost will not be 599 from

While a joke it does spark fears that this portable console will cost at least an arm.  Predications of the cost could be anywhere from $249 (3DS) up to $400.  At $249-$349 it will give the 3DS a run for its money.  Anything higher might spell doom to Sony like in the past.  Yes the hardware is pretty nice and the games might be cool but costing more than any home gaming console is not worth it.

Release date is still being kept mystery early reports say that it might come out during Christmas 2011.  Sony following the Ipad approach: 3G and Wi-Fi models will be available.  The PSP2 is stated to be able to have 3G nothing is known about the network or if there will be a separate payment plan for the service.

Games on release is not known at all but Uncharted seems to be on the list from the previews and press conference.



Seems that Sony has decided to cut some features on the PSP2.  Not known which ones but the trade off is that they will make the PSP2 more affordable.  From the article it seems that the cost is close to $250  to $300.  This gives Sony a better position to the 3DS.  Now we just need news of some games.


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February 6, 2011 at 12:58 am

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This year Nintendo will release the 3DS a 3D portable gaming device that succeeds the DSi and DS.  It features cameras and touch screen like their previous DSi with the new feature of 3D gaming without the glasses.  They also added motion controls and external memory storage, a camera that can take 3D pictures and analog controls.   What’s the price of this monster machine? 249USD.

Yes the price is steep but with all the perks Nintendo is justified in the pricing.  A strong prediction of the life of the 3DS is the flagship games that will accompany the release date.

As you can see popular hits like Nintendogs + Cats, Street Fighter and Resident Evil should be released according to Nintendo.  This gives the 3DS a strong opening on release but future games like Zelda and Mario will have to make a quick appearance or suffer from declining sales.  Poor games on release has spelled doom for many new systems in the past i.e. PS3.  This lineup for Nintendo looks promising but popular hits must come out in a adequate time.,2817,2375484,00.asp

Also specs on the 3DS spell trouble for the portable.  The article states that the battery life is only 3 – 5 hours of play time from 3DS games compared to the 9 – 14 hours of game time from the DSi.  Of course this number will vary from console to console.  This is calculated at running games on the lowest brightness setting.  Still months away from release, I wonder if Nintendo can fix this huge oversight.  While the PSP from Sony suffer from battery issues the lineup of games and media options have kept the console going for quite some time.  I just hope Nintendo with their new hardware can do better and not suffer from poor shelf life.

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January 30, 2011 at 3:12 am

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PS3 coming out

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PS3 opening its doors.

The PS3 has long been hack proof but with recent news its coming to an end.  The team that hacked the Wii claims that they have found the key to hack the PS3.  So what does this mean for the console?

Free games?!

We all know that as soon as the hackers release a stable homebrew people are going to download games and play them for free.  While this may lead to damaging effects to the console and developers it does lead to growth in console sales:

The Wii as example sales for the Wii have always been high as soon as the console was released.  Even with it being hacked early on sales have continued to be strong.  We can extrapolate from this data that the PS3 will see a high boom in sales while this may not always be the case it is strongly likely.

Linux will be back.

Sony taking away the Linux function angered many users of the operation system on their consoles with this hack pervious user will be able to take that function back and develop other useful applications.

No other news has been made on the progress on the hack.

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January 4, 2011 at 12:45 am

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