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No more Heroes PS3

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Originally for the Wii No more Heroes is an 3rd person action game about an Assassin named Travis and his adventure to  becoming number one and trying to get laid.  A satire of a game: that makes fun of movie and other game references.  You wield a beam katana and have to do various jobs to make money and kill people.

The game comes to the PS3 as No more Heroes: Heroes Paradise a copy and paste of the original game plus a few new boss fights from the sequel and some additional content.  The game supports the Playstation move.

First let me say that this is just an exploit to get people to buy into the whole motion control of the Playstation move.  Second the game is as glitchy as ever.  Not saying that the Wii version was any better but the game environment problems were not solved like say the bike would get stuck or game crashes.  And for some reason the music cuts out every few moments when I ride the bike around town.  Also you can get more beam katanas thought DLC which crash the game when doing this one mini game of mine sweeper.

The game features a mode where the female villains wear sexier clothes.  Which is nice but I feel as a cheap trick that the developers put in to try to make an extra buck.  You can also fight most of the bosses from the No more Heroes 2.  They also added more side missions.  The HD graphics look nice but it does take away from the style the wii had.  You can also use the regular PS3 controller for the game which does make some tasks a little easier since the motion controls aren’t as good as we expected.  This was a nice added improvement from the original.

The story and game play did not change at all: so pretty much everything from the original was ported over.  I mean I still enjoyed the game as much as the original but I don’t feel that this was necessary.  I didn’t think it was necessary to make people re-buy another copy of the same game with some updated graphics and a few new features.  It’s nice if they managed to fix some problems that the original had and it would be worth it since they are showing the gamers that they do care and listen to our problems.  Wait for the upcoming price drop or used guys buying new are not worth the money especially since you have to get the playstation move to get the full experience.  There are also not many titles that are worth getting yet for the move.

Beat main story and saw the real ending on Sweet bought all the katanas.  


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January 21, 2012 at 1:11 am

final fantasy 13

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Yeah this one I have been putting off for a while.  Final Fantasy 13 is my first and only final fantasy experience.  I never was able to afford the earlier much better ones back when PS1 was around.  Did not get to play 10 for the same reason and since I did have money now I picked up number 13 on releases.  So this is a pretty unbiased review of 13 since I have no notion of any of the previous Final Fantasy games or what to expect.

Game play is a little different where it’s not turn based but still is, because the positions of the characters do matter but also since the commands aren’t in real time.  I found it kind of confusing at times since it felt like you had more control then you have.  Also you can only control one character at a time and it’s mostly just pressing one button over and over.  There is also no armor set ups just weapons and accessories.  It does make things a little easier for players who aren’t into the genre.  Boss battles were only hard because you were under leveled.

You can also switch character roles with the Paradigm shift system.  So everyone can be any class you want them to be and you can switch their roles with a click of a button.  You can make different Paradigm combat set ups like medic, tank, caster, etc.  Then you can switch to another one to suit different needs in combat.

The graphics and cut scenes look amazing.  Where the game play and functions might be lacking the visuals made the game almost worth it.  If you have a HD TV then you can really see the high end cut scenes and game environment.  The characters are really detailed and the effects look nice.

The story is the best part of the game for me.  The story plays on the notion of fate and changing it.  The characters all have their desires and reasons for actually following the plot and a few minor things that really stood out.  The characters have to change for better or worse.   It also throws into question whether they are doing the right move.  They are chosen to destroy their colony by some magical god and have to do it or they turn into mindless zombies.   While this may seem a little dramatic and over the top the characters themselves face real human problems: for example Lighting the main focus of the game feels if she failed her sister Sara.  Sara has been chosen also but her task was something else and was turned into a crystal which is the reward (eternal life metaphor) and Sara never told Lighting about her being chosen.  Since Lighting is a solider for the colony and is required to stop her.  Lighting is conflicted by the roles and personas but proves that she is a sister first and decides to try to save Sara.  And not just Lighting but all the characters have deep emotional traumas that they have to overcome.

The presents the question of fate: the characters are chosen and given powers to fulfill a certain task.  The task is to destroy their colony cocoon.  Whether they chose to accept it they have to or they are turned into zombies.  Through series of events they are deemed enemies of cocoon and the people and military try to stop them.  The characters decide to fight their destiny and set out to kill “god” so they can be free.

The game presents deep metaphysical theories of freedom and fate whether they can be free or if they are just following fate.  The characters are all plagued by some damage from the past in Lightings case is her failure as a sister.  They need to fight fate in order to save cocoon and everyone.

The game play is a little underwhelming considering the plot and subject matter.  I mean pushing one button for one character is all you really do.  Not that this is a bad thing but I would have liked some change and a faster pace.  It took me about 80 hours to beat the main story.  And there were a lot of cut scenes.  Also there are no towns or other places to explore.  The main story and a few side missions are it.  No town quests or other story missions that you can do to further explore the lore.  Some may say that this is a more focused game about only the main story.  Others not so much.

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January 13, 2012 at 10:08 pm

Batman Arkham City

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The sequel to the hit Batman: Arkham Asylum Arkham city takes our crime fighter to a GTA style sandbox.  The game is pretty much the same but with a few changes.  The combat which is near perfect since the first game adds more moves and different ways of fighting.  There is even more gadgets to play around with.  Since it’s now an open city Batman can now glide further and swing around.

The story develops further the Batman legend and Doctor Hugo Strange is the main bad guy this time.  Batman has to solve how Hugo Strange got the whole city on his side in taking over a small part of Gotham.  While the story does reach ridiculous heights it doesn’t distract from the fun: swinging around as Batman taking down criminals and solving crimes have never been so entertaining.

The cut scenes are rendered beautifully.  The character interactions and dialogue is very pleasing.  They didn’t waste any money on the good looking graphics and the fine details that is put to each character.

The game length is short.   I finished the main story in about 10 hours and there was a lot of back tracking to the same locations so you could probably cut that game time in half.  The side missions and extras give you more stuff to do but feels like a chore once the main threat is gone.  The villains are also overwhelming.  They don’t really get enough screen time or made to be that important.  Some are kicked to side mission stories and don’t even show up in the main story.  I feel as there isn’t much focus to the game as in Arkham Asylum.

Catwoman as a playable character is a good addition and chances up the game play.  This is only included to those who buy new on the console.  Which I didn’t think was fair since she does play a major role in the main story.  Forcing players to buy new doesn’t appeal to most gamers who can’t afford the high price.  I understand charging for the other characters like Nightwing and Robin but it seems weird that players would have to pay for them since they should have been included anyway since they are the main cast in the Bat family: while Catwoman is included even playable in the city but is much more like a side love interest.   Nightwing and Robin are also only playable in the challenge maps which don’t make sense since Catwoman who doesn’t have much is.  They could easily get around the city and have the same or better gadgets.

All in all I do recommend this game.  Even with some questionable actions that Rocksteady has decided it still doesn’t detract from this great game.  Buy it new for console for catwoman or get the PC version.

Finished main story PS3 

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January 2, 2012 at 8:17 pm

Dark Souls review

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Hey it’s that time again.  I have a lot on my plate this time a year thanks to a good 4th quarter picking up old games in the bundles, Uncharted 1&2 and the ICO and Shadow of the Colossus.  Also internships suck.  I know that they can be rewarding and lead to a job but they just suck.  You are treated as the lowest of life and are expected to be the best of what they want you to do.  How is that thought process even being to work?  I had better experiences working for retail then the internship I am doing.  Even if it was paid I don’t think it would alleviate the pain.  Anyway let’s move on to an even bigger pain Dark Souls.

Don’t get me wrong I do like the game.  They also made it slightly easier then Demon’s souls.  But the game is just so very hard.   There is no sense of direction to the path in the game.  You can skip bosses and levels entirely if you choose to.  And by accident since a lot of the areas have very little light.  You can barely tell what is what in the game.  But that’s the point since it tries to play on the scare tactics and surprise attacks.  I like that you are given freedom to go thru certain events in any order really.  But left with no direction I felt lost which the designers could be going for but for me there should be some direction.

The graphics are of course amazing.  The armor and weapons look great once you put them on the effects of fire and others look amazing and deadly since they can and will kill you.  Loading times aren’t as bad.  The cut scenes are pretty and nice to look at.

Game play is the same as Demons souls.  No real difference as the controls is pretty much the same and the play style is the same.  I guess if it works the first time don’t change it right?  I will say that bringing the fire element does change the way characters are built and adds to the character development.

The bosses like in the previous game are just as hard, but are easy once you get the hang of their attack patterns.  The bonfires are a nice little inclusion which is check points so you don’t have to start from the beginning.  But the levels are longer as a result.  This is good and bad but gives the player a better time than say starting from the beginning again and again.

The NPCs are helpful and cryptic at times.  Human from and undead from aren’t as important since they only have the difference of summoning other characters.  You can also summon other NPCs during boss fights to help.

Overall it is a very long game, a long and difficult task of endless undead and demons.  But if you can come on top it is worth it: The feeling of accomplishment which very few games can give you.   I give it a buy it now but if you are the type that quits easily then I advise the latter since the game will disappoint many many times.

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December 16, 2011 at 2:42 pm

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Blood Rayne Betrayal

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For fear of a buying a mediocre game I tried the Demo.  While this review might not be about the full game I can complain about the first two levels.  BloodRayne Betrayal takes the franchise in a new direction by taking a few notes from Castlevania: a 2D platform action beat-em up.

The graphics really make this game.  The levels and characters are well designed and look great.  The blood and gore are in your face and the comic book look of the action and levels really appeal to me.

Now the controls are slow.  The response from you hitting the button and the action of the character are late.  I don’t know if it was just the demo but from other reviews about the whole game this seems to be in the rest of the game as well.  This is a major turn off for me.  I like responsive controls.  Some of you may not care about it so much but in this day and age I would think the designers would make sure the game runs smoothly.

You have a melee attack and a gun.  The swords combo and the gun kills enemies in one shot.  But it has limited ammo and you need to pick up on the way.  This kind of seems unbalanced since it takes about a couple of melee hits to down an enemy while a single shot can take down the same enemy.  While the melee attack gives you more points, shooting them seems like the most effective.

This game is hard.  Like many old school NES games you will die many times.  If you like a challenge this is it.  The verdict: wait for a sale.  This game can potentially be very good if they fix the lag issue.  But for now I rather not pay for it.

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September 30, 2011 at 6:53 pm

Catherine and other stuff

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Wow it’s been a while again.  Since my last article recent events really put me down and I didn’t really feel like writing or doing anything for a while.  There were also pretty lame game releases lately with the exception of Catherine.  The drastic price cut of the 3DS was a big surprise.  I wouldn’t say that the handheld was failing but the late releasing of good games definitely hurt the console.  The PSP vita doesn’t seem to be showing its face at all.  But the pricing of it of 249, and 299 was also surprising:  At that price Sony has a better chance to compete with the 3DS during the holiday rush.  But then again the price cut does push the 3DS into more affordable homes now.  170 for it seem more reasonable.  249-299 Vita feels like they should just pick up a PS3 if they haven’t already.  Speaking of that the PS3 is now 249

Microsoft’s xbox360 hasn’t really done anything.  It would seem that they are just letting Sony and Nintendo do battle and wait for the exhausted winner.  OK enough about the consoles let’s talk about Catherine: 



Now Catherine is a very unique game about love and life.  It is a linear narrative about Vincent a young man dealing with the problems of relationships.  Now the player takes control during conversations and the puzzle platform modes.  You make choices which affect the outcome of the game and see the impending doom of Vincent as he tries to figure out cheating.

The animated visual cut scenes are nice to look at and the graphics during game play are visually stunning.  The story gets a little crazy at times but as it was said and done I still wanted more.  This game really is a metaphor for life.

The game play is just Vincent climbing up boxes which he can push and pull.  The objective is to climb to the top as fast as you can without knocking down the boxes below you.  It’s very simple at first but the game will challenge you with hard and harder level designs.

Overall I really enjoyed it.  The story with this unique game play makes for one crazy and enjoyable experience.  If you like puzzle platformers then look no further there are more challenge modes even after the game is done, also a good narrative to top it off.






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September 12, 2011 at 7:30 pm

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Portal 2

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Hey it’s been a while hasn’t it.  It also hasn’t helped that less-then par games were released this quarter.  But here is the sequel to Portal a fun little game developed as a side project and received almost no advertisement.  Even so it has been praised by both critics and fans.  Now does the sequel live up to the greatness of the original?  In short yes.  For those of you who don’t want any more info then its good and if you liked the 1st one and want to find out what happens next then by all means go and play the 2nd.

For those of you who never played the first one then play it now.  No really stop reading and play it.  All the jokes and references will be about the 1st game.  So if you want to “get” all the plot and humor they spill out then finish the 1st game.

To review a game like this I can’t really give this a standard score or any real way of measuring it be comparing it to other games.  Since all you do in this game is shoot portals and walk through portals.  It is simple but challenging as you progress through it.  This genre can be someone where in the puzzle first person shooter but I believe it surpasses that becomes its unique genre.

I don’t really want to write about the story or even gameplay since it would be a huge spoiler for those who haven’t played it.  So for this review all I am going to say is that you solve puzzles with a portal gun that shoots two different portals: one to go into and the other one to go out of.  Now if you are a fan of puzzle shooters then this game is for you.  If you are looking for some sort of mindless action game then look elsewhere.  The story is deep and rich and the challenges will keep you entertained for a while.  Also no real replay here, once you finish it there is no point doing the puzzles again since you knows all the answers.  There is co-op which is kind of the same as the campaign mode but with a buddy you can yell at.

Verdict: Buy it for those who like story and challenging game play.  For all others don’t.   



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July 14, 2011 at 3:10 am

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