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Pokemon black and white

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Pokemon if you don’t know is a popular anime and video game series that have players catch and train monsters.  Pokemon has been around for so long I feel that it would be self-serving to even explain the concepts to anyone who doesn’t know it.  If you don’t know what pokemon is then get out of the rock you have been living in and stop reading this.

Pokemon black and white is the 5th generation and with it comes brand new pokemon.  All new 156 are added and old generation pokemon won’t be seen until you beat the game.  The towns are fully designed in 3D buildings.  Every town has a different feel and look to them.  No more copy paste building designs in the old games.

Pokemon centers are now integrated with the store.   Which I think is a great improvement since it saves time and offer convenience to the players.  The wifi stations are just on the second floor no more going up to another room to trade.

A lot of free stuff: like the previous games NPCs are just handing over stuff when you talk to them: items range from pokemon to rare items.

The weather: in previous games the weather played many roles and affecting game play and battles, in black and white not so much.  I mean there is a sandstorm and rain but that’s about it.  It’s sunny most of the time.

The story: pokemon has come a long way and the story has grown up.  Team Plasma wants to liberate pokemon from their trainers.  And their mystery leader believe that pokemon deserve a life out of their round prisons.  Dealing with belief hints of existentialism this story deserves to be listened to.

TMs: The technical Machines that teach pokemon moves are now unlimited! No more having to buy certain rare moves and this is a greatly deserved change in the series.

The battles: more or less the same as before.  They did however introduce 3 on 3 battles which make your pokemon line up more of a team effort.

Overall I like the new changes.  It adds to a more challenging and easier game play.  If you’re a fan then you would have already bought it.  Any newcomer would have to give this a second look.  I highly recommend for people on the fence.  They make things even easier and I feel it’s more casual.

Beat the main story caught the three in-game legendaries and main legendary and exploring the end game locations.



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March 20, 2011 at 2:29 am

PC Game Review: Mass Effect 2

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The Mass Effect series, developed by BioWare, published by EA games, adds to the list of reason’s I love gaming. While it doesn’t push any outlandish ideas like pushing a giant ball to collect the universe, nor does it introduce a new way to blast enemies to kingdom come, it did what no one else was able to do: craft a story that could only be told in its medium.

Thane Krio's is SO COOL!

Holy crap! That man's face is GREEN!

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March 8, 2011 at 6:53 am

PS3 Game Review: Vanquish by Platinum Games

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Looking good, Sam!

Looking good, Sam!

Platinum Games delivers another snappy game by the name of Vanquish. A sci-fi third person shooter featuring a guy with a special suit that lets him rocket around the battle field while granting him some super human qualities. The name of the game is bull rush speed with pin point shots. Can you save the world from the Russians? Read the rest of this entry »

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March 2, 2011 at 4:27 pm

Mass Effect

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Mass effect

For comparison sake this game is like fallout in space.  Which in this case a good thing?  A rich but generic story: you a human space solider who after surviving the horrors of war are tasked to save the universe from an impending doom.  You recruit cool and sexy aliens to help you and have to use your wits and your gun to solve various tasks and problems.  Also like a certain show called “firefly” you find out about the Reapers who are a cosmic threat to all life and have to stop them.  In Mass Effect the Reapers are a race of giant ghost ships with cool and scary powers.

Story: like I said a generic you are chosen to save the universe blah, blah.  But you are in total control of your decisions (most of the times)to do whatever you want to save the universe.  Your decisions affect game play and how the story will progress.  While some elements feel drawn out and predictable the player is given a lot of control and power in the narrative.

Game play:  Third person shooter with RPG elements is the basic core of game play.  You fight in a team of three and use your cool futuristic powers to take down the bad guys.  You can use your standard guns or if you picked to be a different class you can use biotic powers.

Driving levels: some levels make you drive a space buggy around the only problem is that the controls make it seem like you are being pulled by a blind horse.  And some of the physics of the land seem to be upside down.  I remember this one time I hit a pillar or something and the buggy flipped over.  It seems that the weight of the buggy could not overcome the small pillar and weight apparently didn’t matter since it looked like the buggy had the same weight as paper.

Explorer: the game does offer a lot of places to check out.  Letting you go out and walk around really makes the universe feel like a huge place.  But then you run into the end of the level and the feeling is gone.

Items: the items get annoying if you don’t keep up with your inventory.  You get too many items in my opinion.  Buying some items is useless since you probably will find it anyway, many copies too.  So money is pretty useless in this sense, but you can buy some upgrades but they just make things much easier then really help.  I played my first run without buying anything and after playing it with some upgrades it feels as though the items could have been taken out, and the items were just there to make people not whine about how hard the game was.

Problems? The game runs pretty good on the PC.  A few graphic problems here or there but nothing that a good restart didn’t fix.

The Verdict: Story and game play was very fun. I really enjoyed the powers and guns.  Minus the driving parts I think this game is pretty good.  –Buy it.


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February 26, 2011 at 2:07 pm

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Shank is an action 2D platform game of revenge.  You play the character of Shank who is out for blood.  Your boss killed your girlfriend and now you want him and his gang dead.  Mostly a fighting game you also have to traverse detailed platforms.  Fight endless enemies and battle tough bosses.  Shank delivers on the gore and violence.  The cut scenes are handled with great detail and the sound track and design were beautifully done.

The story is pretty generic and predictable but it gives purpose to the characters.  The cut scenes and game play are done in a comic book way: invokes an indie graphic novel.

Controls are pretty solid but at times the mashing of buttons is unresponsive.  But overall the controls are fine.  The different weapons come in to enhance the torture of enemies.  But your primary will always be the Shank of course.

The visual 2D side scrolling is very nice to look at.  From every blood splat to explosion the designer took the time to carefully make them noticeable.

The game is a little short.  I find myself wanting more even after the challenging last boss.  But there is a co-op mode which I haven’t got a chance to play because of the lack of a second controller.  This review is only going over the single player campaign.  But from other reviews the co-op mode isn’t very long either.

Repetitive boss fights is a big negative that I can’t look past.  Most of the time the game makes you do some kind of counter or a way to stun the boss in order for you to do real damage.  Not all of the bosses are like this but you can tell that the designer had a similar formula for the bosses.

In the end it was entertaining but a few inconsistent moments led to a bitter taste.  I loved the visual and sounds but the boss fights could have been improved.  I really like the effort of this indie game but I wished that they took longer to adjust the fights.

Verdict: wait for a sale or skip it.

Beat the single player mode and unlocked all the weapons finished in 3 hours.

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February 16, 2011 at 8:55 pm

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PSP2 Update 2/15/11

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Now since the PSP2 is still pretty fresh I won’t really review the specs since the price isn’t even out yet.  But to compare it to the 3DS is hard to say.  What we do know is that the cost will not be 599 from

While a joke it does spark fears that this portable console will cost at least an arm.  Predications of the cost could be anywhere from $249 (3DS) up to $400.  At $249-$349 it will give the 3DS a run for its money.  Anything higher might spell doom to Sony like in the past.  Yes the hardware is pretty nice and the games might be cool but costing more than any home gaming console is not worth it.

Release date is still being kept mystery early reports say that it might come out during Christmas 2011.  Sony following the Ipad approach: 3G and Wi-Fi models will be available.  The PSP2 is stated to be able to have 3G nothing is known about the network or if there will be a separate payment plan for the service.

Games on release is not known at all but Uncharted seems to be on the list from the previews and press conference.



Seems that Sony has decided to cut some features on the PSP2.  Not known which ones but the trade off is that they will make the PSP2 more affordable.  From the article it seems that the cost is close to $250  to $300.  This gives Sony a better position to the 3DS.  Now we just need news of some games.


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February 6, 2011 at 12:58 am

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This year Nintendo will release the 3DS a 3D portable gaming device that succeeds the DSi and DS.  It features cameras and touch screen like their previous DSi with the new feature of 3D gaming without the glasses.  They also added motion controls and external memory storage, a camera that can take 3D pictures and analog controls.   What’s the price of this monster machine? 249USD.

Yes the price is steep but with all the perks Nintendo is justified in the pricing.  A strong prediction of the life of the 3DS is the flagship games that will accompany the release date.

As you can see popular hits like Nintendogs + Cats, Street Fighter and Resident Evil should be released according to Nintendo.  This gives the 3DS a strong opening on release but future games like Zelda and Mario will have to make a quick appearance or suffer from declining sales.  Poor games on release has spelled doom for many new systems in the past i.e. PS3.  This lineup for Nintendo looks promising but popular hits must come out in a adequate time.,2817,2375484,00.asp

Also specs on the 3DS spell trouble for the portable.  The article states that the battery life is only 3 – 5 hours of play time from 3DS games compared to the 9 – 14 hours of game time from the DSi.  Of course this number will vary from console to console.  This is calculated at running games on the lowest brightness setting.  Still months away from release, I wonder if Nintendo can fix this huge oversight.  While the PSP from Sony suffer from battery issues the lineup of games and media options have kept the console going for quite some time.  I just hope Nintendo with their new hardware can do better and not suffer from poor shelf life.

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January 30, 2011 at 3:12 am

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