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Batman Arkham City

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The sequel to the hit Batman: Arkham Asylum Arkham city takes our crime fighter to a GTA style sandbox.  The game is pretty much the same but with a few changes.  The combat which is near perfect since the first game adds more moves and different ways of fighting.  There is even more gadgets to play around with.  Since it’s now an open city Batman can now glide further and swing around.

The story develops further the Batman legend and Doctor Hugo Strange is the main bad guy this time.  Batman has to solve how Hugo Strange got the whole city on his side in taking over a small part of Gotham.  While the story does reach ridiculous heights it doesn’t distract from the fun: swinging around as Batman taking down criminals and solving crimes have never been so entertaining.

The cut scenes are rendered beautifully.  The character interactions and dialogue is very pleasing.  They didn’t waste any money on the good looking graphics and the fine details that is put to each character.

The game length is short.   I finished the main story in about 10 hours and there was a lot of back tracking to the same locations so you could probably cut that game time in half.  The side missions and extras give you more stuff to do but feels like a chore once the main threat is gone.  The villains are also overwhelming.  They don’t really get enough screen time or made to be that important.  Some are kicked to side mission stories and don’t even show up in the main story.  I feel as there isn’t much focus to the game as in Arkham Asylum.

Catwoman as a playable character is a good addition and chances up the game play.  This is only included to those who buy new on the console.  Which I didn’t think was fair since she does play a major role in the main story.  Forcing players to buy new doesn’t appeal to most gamers who can’t afford the high price.  I understand charging for the other characters like Nightwing and Robin but it seems weird that players would have to pay for them since they should have been included anyway since they are the main cast in the Bat family: while Catwoman is included even playable in the city but is much more like a side love interest.   Nightwing and Robin are also only playable in the challenge maps which don’t make sense since Catwoman who doesn’t have much is.  They could easily get around the city and have the same or better gadgets.

All in all I do recommend this game.  Even with some questionable actions that Rocksteady has decided it still doesn’t detract from this great game.  Buy it new for console for catwoman or get the PC version.

Finished main story PS3 


Written by Theonlypersonhere

January 2, 2012 at 8:17 pm