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Dark Souls review

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Hey it’s that time again.  I have a lot on my plate this time a year thanks to a good 4th quarter picking up old games in the bundles, Uncharted 1&2 and the ICO and Shadow of the Colossus.  Also internships suck.  I know that they can be rewarding and lead to a job but they just suck.  You are treated as the lowest of life and are expected to be the best of what they want you to do.  How is that thought process even being to work?  I had better experiences working for retail then the internship I am doing.  Even if it was paid I don’t think it would alleviate the pain.  Anyway let’s move on to an even bigger pain Dark Souls.

Don’t get me wrong I do like the game.  They also made it slightly easier then Demon’s souls.  But the game is just so very hard.   There is no sense of direction to the path in the game.  You can skip bosses and levels entirely if you choose to.  And by accident since a lot of the areas have very little light.  You can barely tell what is what in the game.  But that’s the point since it tries to play on the scare tactics and surprise attacks.  I like that you are given freedom to go thru certain events in any order really.  But left with no direction I felt lost which the designers could be going for but for me there should be some direction.

The graphics are of course amazing.  The armor and weapons look great once you put them on the effects of fire and others look amazing and deadly since they can and will kill you.  Loading times aren’t as bad.  The cut scenes are pretty and nice to look at.

Game play is the same as Demons souls.  No real difference as the controls is pretty much the same and the play style is the same.  I guess if it works the first time don’t change it right?  I will say that bringing the fire element does change the way characters are built and adds to the character development.

The bosses like in the previous game are just as hard, but are easy once you get the hang of their attack patterns.  The bonfires are a nice little inclusion which is check points so you don’t have to start from the beginning.  But the levels are longer as a result.  This is good and bad but gives the player a better time than say starting from the beginning again and again.

The NPCs are helpful and cryptic at times.  Human from and undead from aren’t as important since they only have the difference of summoning other characters.  You can also summon other NPCs during boss fights to help.

Overall it is a very long game, a long and difficult task of endless undead and demons.  But if you can come on top it is worth it: The feeling of accomplishment which very few games can give you.   I give it a buy it now but if you are the type that quits easily then I advise the latter since the game will disappoint many many times.


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December 16, 2011 at 2:42 pm

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Demon’s souls

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I don’t mean to scare anyone on how difficult this game is but this is one hard game. Anything in the level can kill you if you are not careful. The AI’s are smart, they don’t wait for you to be finished with one demon before they start coming after you. They will do whatever possible to try to stop you. Which means a lot of group attacks and sneak attacks. And they don’t attack each other either. I can say for certain that 90% of the enemies will work together and attack you and only you.

Another game on the PS3 that has received much heated debate. This one introduces an action online RPG. While you don’t really play with other people online if you do connect to the online network you can see the actions and deaths of other players. This provides hints and caution signs for how to work your way out of the level. You start out fighting demons and collecting their souls. Once you reach the end you fight the boss. Pretty standard but if you die you lose all the souls you have on you and you have to start from the beginning of the level. You can regain those souls if you reach the place with you dead to pick up your own soul. That’s pretty much how this game works. If you think that’s hard, the game’s stuck on hard mode. Any monster/demon/human/etc can kill you at any time during the level. And theses aren’t average NPCs or dumb boss monsters either, they will seek you out and get your soul. So you may be asking why is this game even worth picking up to begin with? Well it does one thing a lot of games don’t do nowadays; challenge the player. It forces you whether you want to or not to learn how to play the game. Makes you into a better demon slayer and rewards you with more souls if you do so. In this game you use souls to buy just about everything from state upgrades to your potions.

When it comes down to it this game isn’t for everyone. You will die and die and die. You are guaranteed to die many times more often then winning. But if you are one who likes challenges and like getting rewards for your hard work then this game is for you. At times you may feel like this game is way too hard and that you should quit. And your right it is very hard but if you keep going and make improvements i.e. learning from your mistakes, avoiding certain areas, learning weak spots,etc then you will find it very satisfying.

Written by Theonlypersonhere

January 17, 2010 at 11:26 pm

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