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Yeah this one I have been putting off for a while.  Final Fantasy 13 is my first and only final fantasy experience.  I never was able to afford the earlier much better ones back when PS1 was around.  Did not get to play 10 for the same reason and since I did have money now I picked up number 13 on releases.  So this is a pretty unbiased review of 13 since I have no notion of any of the previous Final Fantasy games or what to expect.

Game play is a little different where it’s not turn based but still is, because the positions of the characters do matter but also since the commands aren’t in real time.  I found it kind of confusing at times since it felt like you had more control then you have.  Also you can only control one character at a time and it’s mostly just pressing one button over and over.  There is also no armor set ups just weapons and accessories.  It does make things a little easier for players who aren’t into the genre.  Boss battles were only hard because you were under leveled.

You can also switch character roles with the Paradigm shift system.  So everyone can be any class you want them to be and you can switch their roles with a click of a button.  You can make different Paradigm combat set ups like medic, tank, caster, etc.  Then you can switch to another one to suit different needs in combat.

The graphics and cut scenes look amazing.  Where the game play and functions might be lacking the visuals made the game almost worth it.  If you have a HD TV then you can really see the high end cut scenes and game environment.  The characters are really detailed and the effects look nice.

The story is the best part of the game for me.  The story plays on the notion of fate and changing it.  The characters all have their desires and reasons for actually following the plot and a few minor things that really stood out.  The characters have to change for better or worse.   It also throws into question whether they are doing the right move.  They are chosen to destroy their colony by some magical god and have to do it or they turn into mindless zombies.   While this may seem a little dramatic and over the top the characters themselves face real human problems: for example Lighting the main focus of the game feels if she failed her sister Sara.  Sara has been chosen also but her task was something else and was turned into a crystal which is the reward (eternal life metaphor) and Sara never told Lighting about her being chosen.  Since Lighting is a solider for the colony and is required to stop her.  Lighting is conflicted by the roles and personas but proves that she is a sister first and decides to try to save Sara.  And not just Lighting but all the characters have deep emotional traumas that they have to overcome.

The presents the question of fate: the characters are chosen and given powers to fulfill a certain task.  The task is to destroy their colony cocoon.  Whether they chose to accept it they have to or they are turned into zombies.  Through series of events they are deemed enemies of cocoon and the people and military try to stop them.  The characters decide to fight their destiny and set out to kill “god” so they can be free.

The game presents deep metaphysical theories of freedom and fate whether they can be free or if they are just following fate.  The characters are all plagued by some damage from the past in Lightings case is her failure as a sister.  They need to fight fate in order to save cocoon and everyone.

The game play is a little underwhelming considering the plot and subject matter.  I mean pushing one button for one character is all you really do.  Not that this is a bad thing but I would have liked some change and a faster pace.  It took me about 80 hours to beat the main story.  And there were a lot of cut scenes.  Also there are no towns or other places to explore.  The main story and a few side missions are it.  No town quests or other story missions that you can do to further explore the lore.  Some may say that this is a more focused game about only the main story.  Others not so much.


Written by Theonlypersonhere

January 13, 2012 at 10:08 pm