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PS3 coming out

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PS3 opening its doors.

The PS3 has long been hack proof but with recent news its coming to an end.  The team that hacked the Wii claims that they have found the key to hack the PS3.  So what does this mean for the console?

Free games?!

We all know that as soon as the hackers release a stable homebrew people are going to download games and play them for free.  While this may lead to damaging effects to the console and developers it does lead to growth in console sales:

The Wii as example sales for the Wii have always been high as soon as the console was released.  Even with it being hacked early on sales have continued to be strong.  We can extrapolate from this data that the PS3 will see a high boom in sales while this may not always be the case it is strongly likely.

Linux will be back.

Sony taking away the Linux function angered many users of the operation system on their consoles with this hack pervious user will be able to take that function back and develop other useful applications.

No other news has been made on the progress on the hack.


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January 4, 2011 at 12:45 am

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