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Bayonetta review coming soon

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You may have already heard of the awesomeness that is Bayonetta. I got the PS3 version and will put up a review on the problems that this port has. The full in depth review will not be up but I will give a few words on the problems and how much it affects gameplay.


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January 8, 2010 at 12:42 am

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Bioshock review

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To begin I want to start out that this game might seem like another one of their games System Shock 2 but I don’t want that to distract you from a good game experience. Without revealing too much of the plot this game is a first person shooter with some role-playing elements mixed in. You play Jack who survived a plane crash, in the middle of the ocean you swim to discover a tower. As you go in you realize an underwater city called Rapture. All is not well in this city, and you basically fight against the crazed citizens and other dangers to find a way out.

The story: An interesting tale of a person trying to made a utopia society under the sea. But like many other stories not all go according to plan and things go from bad to worst. You are told of the events surrounding Rapture on tape journals you find scattered around the city.
Gameplay: Pretty standard 1st person shooting and you get different powers from ADAM which is a chemical that you inject to give you different powers and abilities. Weapons range from a Wrench to a Chemical thrower and everything in between.

Concepts: You get ADAM from theses “little sisters” which are freaky looking little girls who take out ADAM from the dead citizens. They are protected by the “Big Daddies” who are monstrous looking citizens with armor and a drill. You have to kill them in order for you to get to the “Little Sisters”.

Visuals: This game does look visually pleasing. The underwater city looks old and worn. The water acts the way water does, fire, electric, etc. The look of the characters don’t look too bad. Bullets make holes in the wall, fire leaves burn marks, and everything seems to be working in order.

In conclusion: Yes this game does feel like a copy paste of the ideas from System Shock 2, but if you are looking for a dark and eerie story this game is for you. Game play is fun and playing around with element powers is awesome. The story is about how things could have gone if we thought differently about morality and how one man’s choice could affect everything we could have done. Bioshock delivers quick action with a deep and scary story of what could have been. While the game play might be repetitive and boring at times, the story and small details make this a game worth playing. Like something out of a Ayn Rand book the game takes you deeper into a world of egoism, objectivism, and greed.

Written by Theonlypersonhere

January 7, 2010 at 11:42 pm