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Mass Effect

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Mass effect

For comparison sake this game is like fallout in space.  Which in this case a good thing?  A rich but generic story: you a human space solider who after surviving the horrors of war are tasked to save the universe from an impending doom.  You recruit cool and sexy aliens to help you and have to use your wits and your gun to solve various tasks and problems.  Also like a certain show called “firefly” you find out about the Reapers who are a cosmic threat to all life and have to stop them.  In Mass Effect the Reapers are a race of giant ghost ships with cool and scary powers.

Story: like I said a generic you are chosen to save the universe blah, blah.  But you are in total control of your decisions (most of the times)to do whatever you want to save the universe.  Your decisions affect game play and how the story will progress.  While some elements feel drawn out and predictable the player is given a lot of control and power in the narrative.

Game play:  Third person shooter with RPG elements is the basic core of game play.  You fight in a team of three and use your cool futuristic powers to take down the bad guys.  You can use your standard guns or if you picked to be a different class you can use biotic powers.

Driving levels: some levels make you drive a space buggy around the only problem is that the controls make it seem like you are being pulled by a blind horse.  And some of the physics of the land seem to be upside down.  I remember this one time I hit a pillar or something and the buggy flipped over.  It seems that the weight of the buggy could not overcome the small pillar and weight apparently didn’t matter since it looked like the buggy had the same weight as paper.

Explorer: the game does offer a lot of places to check out.  Letting you go out and walk around really makes the universe feel like a huge place.  But then you run into the end of the level and the feeling is gone.

Items: the items get annoying if you don’t keep up with your inventory.  You get too many items in my opinion.  Buying some items is useless since you probably will find it anyway, many copies too.  So money is pretty useless in this sense, but you can buy some upgrades but they just make things much easier then really help.  I played my first run without buying anything and after playing it with some upgrades it feels as though the items could have been taken out, and the items were just there to make people not whine about how hard the game was.

Problems? The game runs pretty good on the PC.  A few graphic problems here or there but nothing that a good restart didn’t fix.

The Verdict: Story and game play was very fun. I really enjoyed the powers and guns.  Minus the driving parts I think this game is pretty good.  –Buy it.



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February 26, 2011 at 2:07 pm

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Shank is an action 2D platform game of revenge.  You play the character of Shank who is out for blood.  Your boss killed your girlfriend and now you want him and his gang dead.  Mostly a fighting game you also have to traverse detailed platforms.  Fight endless enemies and battle tough bosses.  Shank delivers on the gore and violence.  The cut scenes are handled with great detail and the sound track and design were beautifully done.

The story is pretty generic and predictable but it gives purpose to the characters.  The cut scenes and game play are done in a comic book way: invokes an indie graphic novel.

Controls are pretty solid but at times the mashing of buttons is unresponsive.  But overall the controls are fine.  The different weapons come in to enhance the torture of enemies.  But your primary will always be the Shank of course.

The visual 2D side scrolling is very nice to look at.  From every blood splat to explosion the designer took the time to carefully make them noticeable.

The game is a little short.  I find myself wanting more even after the challenging last boss.  But there is a co-op mode which I haven’t got a chance to play because of the lack of a second controller.  This review is only going over the single player campaign.  But from other reviews the co-op mode isn’t very long either.

Repetitive boss fights is a big negative that I can’t look past.  Most of the time the game makes you do some kind of counter or a way to stun the boss in order for you to do real damage.  Not all of the bosses are like this but you can tell that the designer had a similar formula for the bosses.

In the end it was entertaining but a few inconsistent moments led to a bitter taste.  I loved the visual and sounds but the boss fights could have been improved.  I really like the effort of this indie game but I wished that they took longer to adjust the fights.

Verdict: wait for a sale or skip it.

Beat the single player mode and unlocked all the weapons finished in 3 hours.

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February 16, 2011 at 8:55 pm

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Trine review

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Trine for the PC and PS3 is an action side-scrolling puzzle game. The game features three characters a thief, a magician, and a knight. The player switches between them and uses their unique abilities to get across a level.

The story is the three characters stumble upon a magic item called the Trine and when they all touched it their souls become bonded and only one of them can physically move while the other two are stuck in the Trine. The main characters thus search for a way to separate their souls.

The gameplay is a basic puzzle side-scroll much like Mario. You get through the level by using the three characters powers. The thief has a grappling hook which she can swing across and arrows that can push/destroy targets. The magician can move objects and create boxes and planks. The knight has a shield and sword. By using these elements the player has to survive the level and discover experience and items that will help you along. You use their abilities to solve puzzles like getting to the top of the level to pull a switch.

This game looks pretty. The level designs are unique and refreshing. The character themselves aren’t as well-crafted as the scenery but you can tell them apart and they standout well. The areas are well detailed and defined. When you are playing a forest level you can see the well-drawn leaves, grass, and trees. There are some platforms and bridges that may look out of place but are well detailed. You can see the joints and metal frames. Torches and candles in the game give you the primary light sources in dark areas.

In the end I liked the game. It was fun and challenging at times. Combat is solid; mouse clicks for shooting arrows and swinging swords. You draw a box with the mouse for the boxes and a line for the planks. But toward the end the magician could create many boxes and planks which made the game a little too easy. I filled up the level with them and made it a whole lot easier. The other character’s upgrades weren’t as significant. The thief could shoot more arrows and then fire arrows. The knight gets a flame sword which isn’t as much stronger than the original.

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February 24, 2010 at 12:10 am

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Bayonetta review

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Bayonetta is an action packed beat em up. The main character is a sexy witch who needs to fight angels daily or she will get dragged to hell. Yes that may seem rather dumb but that’s a easy excuse to motivate this character into doing it. Its very violent and sexy at the same time.

Gameplay: a lot of combos and a lot of weapons. Many of the boss fights are interesting. The combos and witch time ability make this one worth playing. The only thing I had a problem with is some of the quick time events. They don’t really give you a heads up before it happens, and if you don’t push the required buttons you die.

Graphics: all the enemies are well designed and look great. The areas are bright and very colored. But some areas are blocked off. They look like you can explore them but really you can’t.

Story: Not one of the best stories or the one that makes the most sense. Its just there to give the characters the motivation. They do a lot of satire of other games and themselves. I would of wanted more jokes to tie up most of the plot. It would of added to a better story that is so over the top.

Conclusion:it is a very fun game to be played. While the story may not be the best in the world it gives the characters what they need. The action and gameplay is where this game excels. Its sexy violent and very funny at times.

Played the PS3 version for this review beat normal and on to hard mode.

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January 29, 2010 at 2:58 pm

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