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Trine review

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Trine for the PC and PS3 is an action side-scrolling puzzle game. The game features three characters a thief, a magician, and a knight. The player switches between them and uses their unique abilities to get across a level.

The story is the three characters stumble upon a magic item called the Trine and when they all touched it their souls become bonded and only one of them can physically move while the other two are stuck in the Trine. The main characters thus search for a way to separate their souls.

The gameplay is a basic puzzle side-scroll much like Mario. You get through the level by using the three characters powers. The thief has a grappling hook which she can swing across and arrows that can push/destroy targets. The magician can move objects and create boxes and planks. The knight has a shield and sword. By using these elements the player has to survive the level and discover experience and items that will help you along. You use their abilities to solve puzzles like getting to the top of the level to pull a switch.

This game looks pretty. The level designs are unique and refreshing. The character themselves aren’t as well-crafted as the scenery but you can tell them apart and they standout well. The areas are well detailed and defined. When you are playing a forest level you can see the well-drawn leaves, grass, and trees. There are some platforms and bridges that may look out of place but are well detailed. You can see the joints and metal frames. Torches and candles in the game give you the primary light sources in dark areas.

In the end I liked the game. It was fun and challenging at times. Combat is solid; mouse clicks for shooting arrows and swinging swords. You draw a box with the mouse for the boxes and a line for the planks. But toward the end the magician could create many boxes and planks which made the game a little too easy. I filled up the level with them and made it a whole lot easier. The other character’s upgrades weren’t as significant. The thief could shoot more arrows and then fire arrows. The knight gets a flame sword which isn’t as much stronger than the original.


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February 24, 2010 at 12:10 am

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